Saturday, November 3, 2012

Wrapping Up October

It's hard to believe we've come to the end of another month! A former co-worker and I used to laugh about this all of the time"...down with Halloween, up with Thanksgiving!" Seems one month ends and another begins before we know it.  We finished the month with some beginning sound activities:

Instead of Halloween, we celebrated Fall with "Drop the Pumpkin." I've been playing this game since my student teaching days....but every year it's a hit! Just make a pumpkin (can be adapted for any holiday by changing the shape and colors) with one green side and one orange side. Drop the pumpkin. The children color a pumpkin on their paper to match the side that landed face up. Continue until all of the pumpkins are colored and see which color "won." Simple. Easy. Non-competitive. Love it.

We read 10 Timid Ghosts ordered ghosts from 1-10. This was a freebie I found last year...

Love the patterning on this one!

Friday afternoon we painted turkeys to decorate our room for November.

Thanks for checking in on my little corner of the kindergarten world and have a great day!

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