Sunday, October 30, 2011

Word Family Printable

Hello! I am always looking for fun and new ideas for teaching word families. I saw this idea awhile ago...I am not sure exactly where I found it (sorry!), but it was a word family book, with houses for each word family. It also had lines under the house for the children to write sentences. I think it was originally on a first grade blog. I adapted it a little for my kindergarten class. This week we will be working on the "-at" family, so I put a cat on the roof of the house as a visual for them. They will fill in "at" on the blank line (in the roof) and then fill in each row of the house with words like fat, cat, hat, sat, etc. I eliminated the lines for sentences at this point; I may add them later in the year. You can find the template here.  Some of you have tried to access the pdf and cannot, and requested permission to view it. There are many instances when I try to share the link, I get a message saying your admin will not allow access outside of your domain. I'm sorry about this, but it's out of my if you've tried asking for permission, I'm not ignoring you! Please contact your admin for help. Thank you!!


Hadar said...

Love this!! I tried making a word family house when I first started blogging...haha definitely wasn't this pretty!

Miss Kindergarten


Chrissy said...

Thank you! I found you through Pinterest :-)


Carmen said...

Cool! Did you make others? Do you have one without the cat for other families?