Friday, October 28, 2011

Do you eat Lays potato chips??

Ha! Thought that title might get your attention...if you're like me and just have time to grab a quick yogurt for lunch, potato chips sound pretty good right now!!'s the reason for the title...a few years ago, my boys started eating the Lays potato chips in the blue can...the ones similar to Pringles, but a little bit cheaper! So, being a teacher, I knew I could find a use for those cool plastic containers. I saved a few of them and use them to store learning games like this:
And this...

Here are the details...I have a couple of "Zap" games ( or Bang, Buzz, etc.) The children choose a card from the can. (This one has sight words.) If they can read the word, they get to keep it. If not, it goes back in the can. The "Zap" card means they have to put all of their cards back into the can. The cute bear that says "Free" is just a everyone has the chance to keep a card, even those who may struggle with the sight words. = )
I have a beginning sounds "Zap" game, too. The children have to name the letter the picture starts with.
This game is for matching upper and lowercase letters. Each game board has different upper case letters on it. The children (2 players) take turns choosing a lowercase letter from the can. If they have the matching upper case on their board, they keep it; if not, it goes back into the can.
I made these game boards a  l o n g  time ago on my original turquoise iMac...before OS X for Mac! I know I am dating myself here....but I have always loved using clip art to make stuff...back then I think it was called Appleworks!! Yikes! We've progressed a lot since those days!! Anyway...I don't have the originals for these anymore, but they are still in pretty good shape. I typed up the directions and taped them around the can using packing tape and they've held up great, too.  The cans are the perfect size for children to get their hands in and out without any problems.  The next time you grocery shop, you may need to get some Lays in the blue can (and this is not a paid advertisement for them)!! Thanks for checking in and have a good day!

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