Friday, December 30, 2011

MOA here I come!

Hello! Today I am spending the day here:
And while the 3 boys/men in my life go to places like the Apple Store, Best Buy, and Game Stop, I will be perfectly content for hours browsing here:
at Archivers...looking at paper, stickers, stamps, ink and dies! Ahhhh! I am feeling the time crunch to START my son's high school scrapbook...he's a junior.  I feel good about having the K-8 years scrapped for him...I'm just stuck on what to do for the high school book. I am debating whether or not to go with school colors as the theme to his book...or just school themed pages in general; and he's a runner (CC and track) and there are not many papers and stickers out there for those we'll see what today brings! Hope you have a great day, too, doing something you enjoy!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Classroom Update for January

Hello! I went to my classroom for a few hours this morning to make the switch from December to January. There's always so much to get done....I didn't accomplish everything on my "to-do" list, but feel good about it none the less.  (At least while I was working in my classroom,  I wasn't snacking all I have been at home!!)  Here are a few pictures of my room...
I have 6 of these pretty blue snowflakes hanging from the ceiling. I bought them at the Dollar Tree several years ago.  Ironically, I live in southern MN and we don't have even one single flake of snow on the ground!! This was our first "brown" Christmas since 2006 and today it's in the 40's. But hey, I am not complaining, because even though I live here, I do not like the COLD!
I put these snowmen on the door for "Read the Room." Each one has just the item in the sentence colored. These were super simple to make. I also have a smaller version for the children to color the items and fill in the color words. They can choose their own colors; they do not have to match the posters.

I made a "label the snowman" activity for my writing center...I saw this in December done with a Santa picture and thought it'd be great for January done with a snowman.
I have this one hanging up for the children to use as a model and blank pages in the writing area.

I have seen SO MANY great literacy ideas on this:
 and this:

I've been working to create similar activities, but adapted them to meet my students' I am not going to share something that isn't my own idea; these teachers deserve the credit!! Thought you might be inspired by them, too.  I just LOVE all of the creativity and inspiration out there!! Thanks for checking in. Enjoy your day!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Cute January Pins

Hello! I hope everyone enjoyed Christmas and can relax over the next few days before heading back to school. My family and I had a wonderful holiday, blessed with lots of family time and good food. : ) I am taking a break from school least I did for a baking and scrapbooking. I have, however, been Pinning some awesome ideas for January. Here are a few winter projects I am looking forward to doing...

Gotta love Pinterest!!! I've been working on a couple of winter printables of my is an activity sheet I made to help my class practice printing lowercase letters.
 Thanks for checking in and have a great day!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How many cookies tall are you?

We did a few fun gingerbread activities over the past couple of weeks. We read The Gingerbread Boy and Gingerfriends (Jan Brett).  Here a few pictures of our activities:
Beginning sounds practice: Mrs. Lee style!!
Math activity: add the correct number of buttons
How many gingerbread cookies tall are you?

The children could measure "how many gingerbread cookies tall" they were (with help from a friend) and then complete the response sheet by coloring in the correct number of cookies and filling in their name. I printed out pictures of them to glue on the sheet, too.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

ONE more day!

Good evening! Whew...just one more day until Christmas break. I am looking forward to it and I know many of you can relate!! We had our Christmas program today and it was beautiful; we do 2 performances for parents/ at 9 a.m. and the other at 1:30 p.m. So, basically, we don't do much else on program day!!! Yesterday we finished our calendar gifts. They turned out great! We wrapped them and they went home in backpacks. Hopefully, they are safe and sound under everyone's Christmas tree. Here are photos of each month and the cover:
The cover and January (children filled in their last name on the blank line.)

February and March
April and May
June and July 
August and September
October and November
That's a lot of hand prints! I like this calendar because it was simple; everything was on one page and there was no extra gluing involved. I created a different cover, but all of the originals can be found here. I am so grateful for teachers who share!! This made our project pretty stress free...although if I do it again next year, I may get an earlier start.  We started when we got back after Thanksgiving break. That can be cutting it a little close, especially if you have children who are sick and need to make up pages. I hope the families like them. : ) Thanks for checking in and if you have one or two more days of school this week...hang in there!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hope I am doing this right...

Happy Sunday! So...being rather new to all of this...I hope I am doing this right. I was nominated for this award by Ms. Lopez from Coloring Outside the Lines.  This award is for newbies, and its goal is to spotlight up-and-coming blogs with less than 200 followers. If awarded, you must:

♥ copy and paste the award on your blog

♥ thank the giver and link back to them

♥ reveal YOUR top five picks and leave a comment letting them know

THANK YOU, Ms. Lopez, for nominating my blog!

Here are my picks :

Miss Chamblee's Kinderfriends

The Kindergarten Chick

Krazy in Kindergarten

Crayons & Curls

Mrs. Bremer's Kindergarten

What a fun way to visit new sites and get to know what other teachers are doing...I love seeing all of the creativity out there!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Hello! I couldn't resist using the "grow a Rudolph" this month. We put it in water on Monday...he's actually grown quite a bit since then...and the children are very excited to check his progress every morning. I can't help but feel a little guilty looking at him...he looks like he's trapped in the jar of water!!!  : ) Thanks for checking in...hope your days before Christmas are going well.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Candy cane writing

Hello! It's been a busy week...and it's only Tuesday!! Ha!! I'm sure many of you feel the same way! We have school through Dec. about one more week to go until Christmas break. Last week we focused on the sound of letter "c." We did descriptive writing about candy canes and made candy canes out of circles. We are working on patterning in math, so this fit together perfectly.

 We also did this pattern activity; the children had to color 3 different patterns on the candy canes.

The Christmas spirit is alive and well in our classroom. : ) These cute Christmas trees are hanging from our ceiling.

We made Christmas stockings to decorate our lockers...
I feel fortunate to be able to celebrate and share the true meaning of Christmas with my students; here are pictures of our door and our prayer table.

Each week of Advent we are focusing on a different aspect of waiting...week one was about waiting patiently. Week 2 focused on working hard while we are waiting. This week we are working on letting our light shine by being kind and helpful.  We are coloring an Advent calendar (the number on the calendar matches the date) each morning as part of our calendar activities.
(clip art by DJ Inkers)
The children will be able to take the Advent calendar home next Wednesday and finish coloring it at home. They are excited to color Baby Jesus on his birthday!! One of my students told me today she is going to draw a smile on Baby Jesus, too! I thought that was so sweet! We are working on this hand print calendar as a parent gift. I will post pics of it when we finish!  Thanks for checking in!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

December Center Ideas

Hello! I thought I'd share a few fun December center ideas with you. Here is the writing center I shared in my last post, all set and ready for the students to use.

This is a fun math idea....I bought this Christmas jar filler last year at Hobby Lobby and have been waiting to use it! I printed some Christmas trees and punched holes in them. The children have to roll a die and put the number of decorations on the tree. The holes help the little balls stay in place.

The last one is a memory game I downloaded from Musings of Me...she has such wonderful stuff on her site! This week's she's posting a bunch of free holiday games to go along with the alphabet. I put the game in t his cute Christmas container....just to make it more fun! Thanks for looking and have a great day!