Friday, December 30, 2011

MOA here I come!

Hello! Today I am spending the day here:
And while the 3 boys/men in my life go to places like the Apple Store, Best Buy, and Game Stop, I will be perfectly content for hours browsing here:
at Archivers...looking at paper, stickers, stamps, ink and dies! Ahhhh! I am feeling the time crunch to START my son's high school scrapbook...he's a junior.  I feel good about having the K-8 years scrapped for him...I'm just stuck on what to do for the high school book. I am debating whether or not to go with school colors as the theme to his book...or just school themed pages in general; and he's a runner (CC and track) and there are not many papers and stickers out there for those we'll see what today brings! Hope you have a great day, too, doing something you enjoy!

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