Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Classroom Update for January

Hello! I went to my classroom for a few hours this morning to make the switch from December to January. There's always so much to get done....I didn't accomplish everything on my "to-do" list, but feel good about it none the less.  (At least while I was working in my classroom,  I wasn't snacking all I have been at home!!)  Here are a few pictures of my room...
I have 6 of these pretty blue snowflakes hanging from the ceiling. I bought them at the Dollar Tree several years ago.  Ironically, I live in southern MN and we don't have even one single flake of snow on the ground!! This was our first "brown" Christmas since 2006 and today it's in the 40's. But hey, I am not complaining, because even though I live here, I do not like the COLD!
I put these snowmen on the door for "Read the Room." Each one has just the item in the sentence colored. These were super simple to make. I also have a smaller version for the children to color the items and fill in the color words. They can choose their own colors; they do not have to match the posters.

I made a "label the snowman" activity for my writing center...I saw this in December done with a Santa picture and thought it'd be great for January done with a snowman.
I have this one hanging up for the children to use as a model and blank pages in the writing area.

I have seen SO MANY great literacy ideas on this:
 and this:

I've been working to create similar activities, but adapted them to meet my students' I am not going to share something that isn't my own idea; these teachers deserve the credit!! Thought you might be inspired by them, too.  I just LOVE all of the creativity and inspiration out there!! Thanks for checking in. Enjoy your day!


Jennie Jensen said...

You have very cute ideas! I live in Iowa and we do not have any snow here either! Did you make the snowman beginning sound sort? I would love a copy, if you are sharing!


Chrissy said...

I'll be heading into my classroom in a couple of days, to take down the ornaments and hang the snowflakes! It looks like you have great things planned :-).


Marlana said...

Great ideas! I love that you included pictures. I'm a visual learner so pictures of things in use make me happy! I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger award here.

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