Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Couple of Fall Ideas...

Hello! I have a couple of fall ideas to share with you today. I have an "October Fun" bucket of activities for the children to use when they are done with their work. Items include: October tic tac toe, ABC file folder games, and color word matching activities.

The next idea I found here. It is a pocket chart color word matching activity. I took the picture after a couple of the children matched the words, so they are not in perfect order, but you get the idea. : )

MORE homework bags!!!

The "I Spy" Bag
Hello! I have a couple more homework bags to share with you. One of them is the "I Spy" bag. It has some "I Spy" books to read, a magnifying glass, and an "I Spy" bottle activity. I filled a bottle with colored sand and several small objects. I took a digital photo of all the objects and made a chart with photos of the individual objects. The children can use a dry erase marker to 'x' off the items as they find them. This is a fun homework bag!

The Science Bag

The next couple of photos are of my "Science Bag." This is based on Dr. Jean's Scientist of the Week idea. The bag has several books with ideas for experiments. I have a journal for the children to record their experiment and results. I do not have them do the experiment for the class, we just read about what each person did as they return the bag. I also have a white men's shirt to use as a lab coat and goggles in the bag.