Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bad Blogger???

Hello everyone! Just wanted to check in with a quick update....I spent a little time reading through my comments tonight. Apparently I missed a few of you who asked for the circles for the counting mats and the sight word pointers, just to name a couple. Actually...someone originally was selling the files for the counting mats on TpT, so I don't feel right about sharing those. My sight word pointers were created a couple of years ago on a different computer, so I no longer have access to those.  I edited the word work post and added a template of stars and the word frames. I hope no one is upset or offended if I have not emailed you about sharing items....I'm so happy people like the ideas I've shared....I really didn't plan on anyone asking for the files. ; ) I use DJ Inkers clip art for most of my projects....and most of them are inspired by other great teachers who share their ideas; I just adapt them for my classroom and my students. I am thankful for all of the people who follow my blog and find something they can use as well. It helps all of our students! Have a good evening!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

QR Code Color Word Practice

This is my first year with iPads instead of laptops in my classroom. I've been trying to find fun and interesting ways to use these great learning tools! I saw this post on using QR codes (this is a great post for explaining how to create QR codes) quite a while ago and was inspired to create QR codes for my students to practice reading color words.
The QR code reader is a free app. I made 8 codes for the students to scan and a response sheet. They scanned the code, read the color word, and colored the item correctly.
Here are my color word QR codes and the response sheets...freebies for you!

Hope you find this activity useful in your classroom! Thanks for checking in!