Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bad Blogger???

Hello everyone! Just wanted to check in with a quick update....I spent a little time reading through my comments tonight. Apparently I missed a few of you who asked for the circles for the counting mats and the sight word pointers, just to name a couple. Actually...someone originally was selling the files for the counting mats on TpT, so I don't feel right about sharing those. My sight word pointers were created a couple of years ago on a different computer, so I no longer have access to those.  I edited the word work post and added a template of stars and the word frames. I hope no one is upset or offended if I have not emailed you about sharing items....I'm so happy people like the ideas I've shared....I really didn't plan on anyone asking for the files. ; ) I use DJ Inkers clip art for most of my projects....and most of them are inspired by other great teachers who share their ideas; I just adapt them for my classroom and my students. I am thankful for all of the people who follow my blog and find something they can use as well. It helps all of our students! Have a good evening!

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