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I have rediscovered my love for crocheting over the past few months and have been sharing projects here and there on my blog.  I've decided to start a crochet share inspiration and my love of the craft. I'm sure most people who crochet will appreciate photos like this....a stack of my latest projects:

Just looking at them all together like that, makes me happy. ; )

Here's a patriotic doily I am working on to celebrate the 4th of July... here it is with the red and white (off white, actually).
And here it is, finished, with all three colors. I can see it already...sitting under a jar full of red, white and blue stars!

Spring is finally here...I hope! So I celebrated the occasion with a green doily.
You can find the charted pattern for this green doily here....I wanted to use some green thread I found at the thrift store; it was perfect for a spring doily! It is very easy to make and quite pretty in person!

LOVE the way this little blue doily turned out! You can find the chart on my pinterest board here.

On a recent visit to the thrift store, I found these treasures:
 Some  yellow thread for 1.49...but it was half price day, so I got for 75 cents!! The original price was 29 cents! Can you believe it???
 I also found this hook for 50 cents (also 1/2 price!) so now I can begin to practice tunisian crochet stitches! This one is a size "I."
I used the shaded yellow thread to make this little beauty:
You can find the pattern here. I changed the edging just a little. Instead of the picots I did ch3, sc in every other stitch. I have it on a little shelf in my kitchen....I still need to find a few vintage things to add to the shelf. ; )

This is the doily on the bottom shelf...another version of this pattern, which I also love.

Another pretty little doily...seriously, I have to think of better adjectives...but I saw this pattern and just couldn't resist making one. It is a little larger than coaster size; I used size 10 thread and a size 7 hook.

(It is a cloudy, rainy day here today, so I had a hard time getting a good picture.) Have fun making this one! The pattern is quick and easy!

I have a thing for vintage pot holders. If I find one at a good price, I buy it....just for the sake of having it!
I really like the red and white ones...
I had the red and white one on the right..then made a little one of my own on the left...kind of has a vintage look, even though it's new.
This is pure vintage bliss. = )

I found this little motif to make another "new" vintage pot holder. I chose pink, green, and ecru thread.
I started with the motif and then kept going with a traditional granny square until it reached the size I wanted.

I made another granny square for the back, using just the ecru crochet thread.

Then I joined the squares together with a shell stitch along the edge, using pink.
Here's the finished product:

...A sweet little new/vintage potholder...which will probably never be used for actual cooking. 

A few of my other projects...

You can find this pattern here. (One of my favorites!)

 The pattern for this little pink doily can be found here. (It is the motif on top.) I also crocheted it in a light gray thread...I think using a solid vs. a shaded thread makes a difference in seeing the pattern detail. I love both of them, however!

I made this little beauty in light green thread (no.3, size E hook). Love it! It is easy and fun to make! I really like how the original photo I saw on pinterest is done with 2 colors.

 Snowflakes I made for my class for Christmas....

Pretty Little shades of gold and yellow

(see chart here)

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