Monday, October 29, 2012

Glittery Pumpkins!

How about another "Pinspiration??" I pinned this apple idea from Kindergarten Smiles awhile ago....
...a little too late to do with our apples unit, so I adapted it to fit with our Fall/Pumpkin theme.

 I have to admit, my students have not used their white glue much at all this year...I've "stuck" (ha ha!) mainly with glue sticks to keep it simple, so this was good practice.  And who doesn't love glitter??? Thanks for checking in and have a great day!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Centers and a book of potions!!

Hello! We are certainly experiencing fall weather here in MN! It's been chilly and rainy the past couple of days. We had a short week and a long 4 day it! I snapped a couple of pictures of my class involved in some fall activities...
The children have to count the correct number of leaves to put on each tree.

For this activity, the children just roll the die and collect the number of pumpkins rolled. When the pumpkins are gone, they count to see who collected more.

AND....since today was my day off and it was chilly and rainy outside, I thought it was a good day to catch up on a couple of creative projects....
I stamped a Halloween card...
Made a book of potions (inspired by this):

And filled a few jars for my mantle....
All I need now is a cup of hot chocolate to top off my day. = )

Thanks for checking in and have a great weekend!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall and Halloween I SPY bottles...

Hello again! I am still at home this week while my hubby recovers from I thought I'd work on a few fun things for my classroom! Last year, I printed these great free Fall and Halloween themed "word walls" from Teacher Bits and Bobs.  (I've tried searching their blog for the direct link, but it says the page is not may find other great word walls you can use for this as well.) I printed them full size to use in my writing center, but thought it would be fun to turn them into I Spy bottles, too.
I printed the pictures at a smaller scale to put inside the bottle.  The children can cross off the pictures as they find them on the larger sheet...I printed a few of them full size and will laminate them.
I absolutely LOVE making the colored rice to put in these bottles! I made purple for the Halloween bottle and orange for the Fall bottle. I used Gatorade bottles; they are very sturdy!

The children love this activity! Here it is in action:

Thanks for checking in and have a great day!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

October Stamp and Count Pages

I started using stamp and count pages last year, around Valentine's Day. Walmart has Studio G stamps and stamp pads for $1.00 in their scrapbook aisle. They've had quite a few seasonal items over the past few months.

I picked up a couple of stamps to make October themed stamp and count pages. I like using the smaller stamp pads for individual projects like this.
Thanks for checking in and have a great day!