Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Candy cane writing

Hello! It's been a busy week...and it's only Tuesday!! Ha!! I'm sure many of you feel the same way! We have school through Dec. 21st...so about one more week to go until Christmas break. Last week we focused on the sound of letter "c." We did descriptive writing about candy canes and made candy canes out of circles. We are working on patterning in math, so this fit together perfectly.

 We also did this pattern activity; the children had to color 3 different patterns on the candy canes.

The Christmas spirit is alive and well in our classroom. : ) These cute Christmas trees are hanging from our ceiling.

We made Christmas stockings to decorate our lockers...
I feel fortunate to be able to celebrate and share the true meaning of Christmas with my students; here are pictures of our door and our prayer table.

Each week of Advent we are focusing on a different aspect of waiting...week one was about waiting patiently. Week 2 focused on working hard while we are waiting. This week we are working on letting our light shine by being kind and helpful.  We are coloring an Advent calendar (the number on the calendar matches the date) each morning as part of our calendar activities.
(clip art by DJ Inkers)
The children will be able to take the Advent calendar home next Wednesday and finish coloring it at home. They are excited to color Baby Jesus on his birthday!! One of my students told me today she is going to draw a smile on Baby Jesus, too! I thought that was so sweet! We are working on this hand print calendar as a parent gift. I will post pics of it when we finish!  Thanks for checking in!


Ms. Lopez said...

I found your blog through some Pinterest pins. You have a lot of great ideas. I just nominated your blog for an award. Come on over to my blog and "pick it up"!
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Sharon said...

Cute ideas!

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