Sunday, November 18, 2012

Another writing center idea....from Pinterest!

Yes, I have yet another Pinterest inspired writing center idea. (Makes me wonder what I did before Pinterest!!!)
I have this cute desk I found at a garage sale for ONE DOLLAR! I've been using it as a little writing area for one student to use at a time....kind of a special place just to go and create. I photo copied each child's photo onto a piece of paper and made a name card for each child. The goal is to have children practice writing their friends' names, while using the handwriting lines, one upper case letter, etc... (I blurred out the names in the photo for privacy.)
Here's a view of the writer's side of the desk. As you can see, it's getting put to good use! Just another fun way to motivate young writers. : ) Thanks for checking in and have a super day!

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