Friday, July 13, 2012

Do you like pretty clothes pins??

I do! I saw a "pin" of clothes pins covered with gingham paper and thought they were just too cute to pass up...I knew I had to make a few for my I did.
THEN I saw a pin of clothes pins covered with wrappers from crayons! How cute is that for hanging up class work!! So I made a few of them as well!! (I didn't pin that one, so I can't give you the source...sorry! Just filed the idea in my memory for future use!!!)
The clothes pins I bought at Walmart were exactly the right size for the crayon wrappers. The other clothespins I had were a little longer than the paper, but that's ok...I think they are still super cute. I am going to put thumb tacks on the back and use them on the cork strip outside of my classroom for hanging art work...yet another "pinspiration!"
I just used modge podge to attach the paper and only covered one side of the clothes pin with paper. The crayon wrappers had two layers, so I pulled them apart and just used the top layer. Thanks for checking in and have a great day!


Michele said...

I am usually not a cutesy person but I think I can handle this one! I love how simple it is but how cute it makes the clothespins look! Thanks for sharing:)

Jennifer Tilton said...

So cute! I love to fancy up clothespins!