Friday, July 20, 2012

Counting Money Sticks

Ready for another pinterest inspiration??? I made these money sticks to help my students learn to count money.
In our text book, money is introduced in one lesson...then coins are combined in the second lesson. I  want to give my students more practice and time to feel confident in counting coins of one kind, before mixing coins. I made quite a few sticks that use one coin only so they can get used to counting by ones, fives, or tens.
Then....I made a few sticks combining coins for those who are ready.
I left space on the bottom so I can number the sticks. The students can fill in a response sheet, writing the money amount for each stick. They can also work in small groups to practice counting the money amounts.  (I still have to find a cute container to hold them...I am thinking I will use a "Crystal Light" container....)  I love this money sorting mat and plan on using one like this when we start working with money this year. Thanks for checking in and have a super day!

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Anonymous said...

great idea! I'll be making mine soon!