Thursday, June 7, 2012

Update those board games!

Well, my first official weekend of summer is approaching, and I have to say, I've been enjoying  sleeping in a bit and sipping a second cup of coffee this week! My family and I are heading out for a weekend camping trip later I have a little packing and grocery shopping to do.  I want to share a couple of updated board game ideas with you...especially since garage sale season is upon us! You may be able to find games cheap this summer if you like to frequent neighborhood sales.
Here is my version of sight word Candyland.  I know there are great blog posts out there about printing your own cards and making the game more's how I did it: I had 2 Candyland games on my shelf. I left one version "as is." I like having it available for the children because it's a game they are familiar with and can easily play without much direction from me. I simply took the second game and added sight words to all of the pieces. Children have to read the word before they can move to that space. Quick and simple and a good idea to share with parents as well.

My next idea involves this favorite: Boggle Jr.
I seem to find this game a lot for like 50 or 75 cents! I already have 2 on my shelf, but it's hard to pass them by at such good prices...just in case the timer breaks or dice get lost, it's good to have a spare! I decided to just use the dice and  make some "roll and graph" games.  I made a separate graph for each die; children roll the die and print the letter in the row that matches the beginning's a sample of the graph for the die with b,l,t,r,c, and n.
I also have the numbers version of Boggle Jr., which I was surprised to find! It's a good "addition" (ha ha!) to your math shelf, if you can find it.
Hope this inspires you to look at your board games in a new light! I have a few other ideas I am going to try to work on this summer if I find a game at the right price! Have a great weekend and thanks for checking in!

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