Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Conference Update....

Hello! I just spent the last 2 days at the MN Conference for K and PreK teachers. It was great! My brain is on overload with new information! I was excited to see a few new presenters this year, like Melissa Leach. I absolutely loved her Web 2.0 session.  I am following a few of her boards on Pinterest as well.

My head is swimming with ideas and things to investigate online. After attending a session on Reader's Workshop, I know I have more sorting and organizing to do in my classroom library. Last year it looked something like this:
I have some books sorted by character like Clifford, Franklin, and Little Critter. I have a basket for animal books, social studies, science, and math books; they are stored in those center areas. Big books are in the yellow bin on the right.  My goal is to sort the books into more categories, add a basket for books that students recommend to each other, and a basket for favorite authors.  I searched and found some great inspiration on Pinterest for classroom libraries....like this one! I will also need to print labels.... My classroom is small, so the space in the picture is about all of the space I have for my library.  There is plenty of room on the floor for the kids to read once they choose a book.
Have a great evening and thanks for checking in!

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Chrissy said...

I am a compulsive bin collector, lol! I cannot walk past the dollar spot at Target without buying one. As a result, my book boxes are not "all of a kind". My goal this year is to sort things in a more visually pleasing way!

Thanks for sharing your ideas!