Sunday, June 3, 2012

Kindergarten Keepsakes Book

Happy Summer! Friday was our last day of school...I just have to finish cleaning and packing my room, and then summer can begin! I have a few end of the year things to share with you...I've done an end of the year keepsake book for quite a few years. Parents and students really enjoy looking back at projects we did through out the year. Here's how we make our book:

*I start with 5 pieces of 12 x 18 inch construction paper and fold them in half. I staple at the bottom, so the top is open. I bind the pages together on the left, so it becomes a book of pocket pages. I add a 9 x 12 sheet for the cover.

*The children cover the title page and we glue it to the front. (I usually wait until May to do the cover.)

*I label one side of the pocket for each the first page says September, the back of that pocket says October, etc. I file projects for Sept/Oct in one pocket, Nov/Dec...etc. I try to save 2 or 3 things from each month.

*I try to add seasonal art to the front of each pocket page. I didn't have an October project, so as you can see, I put the cupcakes we used for our birthday graph on that page. : )
I put our mitten glyph on the January page. On the May page, I usually put a photo of myself with each student and a special poem or note from me...just to make it a more a personal and special keepsake.

*I try to get the books assembled by Nov or Dec so I can start filing items as soon as possible. It can be daunting to file a whole year's worth of items in May!! (Umm...yes I have made that mistake along the way!)  I also have had parent volunteers assemble the book and do a little filing, but I like to surprise parents at the end of the year, so I don't want them to see too much of the book.

*As my gift to the students at the end of year, I put together a DVD of our year. This is really special and parents love it. I begin taking pictures in September and load them on my computer. In May, I use iMovie and iDVD to complete the project. I show it to my class before I send it home and I love hearing their, "I remember that!" or "There's me!" or "That was a fun day!"
Here are the dvd's all wrapped up and ready to send home. 

Thanks for checking in on my little corner of the kindergarten world! Have a great weekend!

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Giggles and Squeals said...

What a cute idea. Do they decide what goes inside or do you? Is one pocket full of both September and October things? Just thinking how I can do it too.

One cute addition might be a paper with them writing their name each month. I always love to see that and how much it changes.