Sunday, September 25, 2011

Can be overwhelming...right??

Hello! I've been so inspired again this week by all of the great ideas shared on teaching about you? In fact, I spent a couple of hours this morning pinning science ideas. I have a few activities and ideas I am going to try to do with my class... I love this idea of doing a collage of leaf rubbings with each table. Have you visited Little Miss Hypothesis? Talk about science inspiration!!  I love reading her posts!

Off the science about those Kindergals, Kim and Megan!! Awesome ideas for writing in this post. I downloaded the freebies from their site and used them this week. WOW! My kids did a great job! We just did the favorite things; Monday we are going to work on favorite things to do. I am going to add these sheets to their writing offices, which we are building little by little.  I love all of the great writing ideas out know how you feel after you've been to a great conference or workshop and just want to get back to your room and try all the stuff you learned???? That's how I feel after reading some of these great posts and seeing ideas all over Pinterest!!!

We celebrated our first Zero the Hero day this week and are working on the Kinderlit booklet again this year; love it! Here's our first project:
We also used the Smart Pals for the first time for number writing practice. These are great for practicing any concept...I plan to use them a lot this year. They are new and we got them to go along with our Singapore Math series.

Another great inspirational site: Kindertastic. I ABSOLUTELY love how she has her writing and word work centers organized.

You can read more about her activities here.
I have hundreds several ideas floating around in my head of projects to complete and centers to organize. We could work 24/7 on school stuff, couldn't we??? Hence, the title of this post!! I guess that's what makes our profession so great...sharing ideas to help kids learn. = ) We all want them to succeed. Thanks for checking in and have a great Sunday!


Anonymous said...

I would love to get the scarecrow. Which dj inkers has this? Thansk!

kinderdi said...

The scarecrow is from a clip art book by Dianne J. Hook for Carson Dellosa...I'm not sure it's in print anymore!! :) I bet some it's on one of her digital clip art collections, I just don't know which one.