Saturday, September 10, 2011

First Week!

Whew! We've completed the first week (which was really only 4 days with Labor Day on Monday) of school! It was busy but fun! I did the Peacemaker/Peacebreaker activity; that fit in beautifully since we say a Peace Promise everyday.  The children decorated our Peace Promise after the activity.
(I teach in a Catholic School, so prayer is a huge part of our day!)

I LOVE having the children's work on display...we all know that despite all of the decorating we do before school starts, their work completes the room.  When my class came for orientation days last week, they each colored a picture of a person with his/her name on it. I hung these from the ceiling to display their work.

I always do the "Who lives in your house?" glyph (found on Shari Sloane's website) the first week of school. They are displayed in our classroom.
We read Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten and completed a graph with the question, "How do you feel about starting school? Excited or Nervous?"
Overall, the week went well! We are working on rules and what I mean, I'm sure!!

I want to share a couple of CUTE pics my sister sent. She teaches Kindergarten, too, so when we get together watch out! It's a lot of teacher talk!!! Too bad she lives 6 hours away!! She has a popcorn themed classroom this year. She bought containers from Dollar Tree to store books in her reading center. Isn't it cute???
I keep telling her she needs to start a blog, but she says she's not "techy" enough!! I thought this was too cute not to share! Thanks for checking in and have a great day!

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