Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Roll a Snowman...felt style!

Happy Winter! We are still in the deep freeze here and since we have to endure winter anyway, we might as well make it fun, right? I saw this Roll a Snowman game made out of felt on Pinterest. I LOVED that it was made out of felt instead of paper...our kids get so much laminated paper, I thought the felt might be fun for a change. I came up with my own version that looks like this:

I made a set of 4 snowmen, along with enough accessories for each one to have a  hat, 2 wiggly eyes, a nose, *smile*, scarf, and 3 buttons. All of the pieces are kept in a plastic shoe box for easy storage and clean up. (You could also adapt it and use 2 dice, but you would need more pieces, like arms and boots.)

I scanned all of the pieces if you'd like a *faux* felt game! You need to print 4 (right click save the image to your computer first) of the first one, so you have enough bodies, noses, and eyes.
(print 4 copies of this one)

(print 1)
(print 1)

I made a trip to the Dollar Tree over the weekend and found these fun things to use in my classroom:

I haven't opened the magnetic letters yet to check them out, but you can never have too many of those, right?? The pink and red hearts will make good counters or game pieces. I also bought the red plastic shoe box, just cuz I like'd it! I am sure I'll find a use for it. They had a variety of colors. Apparently, January is a good time to get storage items there. = )

Thanks for checking in and have a super day!

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