Monday, January 6, 2014

A little crochet creativity....

Hello! I am enjoying one extra day off today, due to severe the severe windchill in our part of the country. I thought I'd share some projects I did over Christmas break...they are not school related, just so you know. = )

I made each of my students a crochet snowflake for Christmas and since then I've been bitten by the crochet bug! I've wanted to learn how to read and follow crochet charts for quite a while, so I've been focusing on that over the past couple weeks. I started a crochet charts Pinterest board as well, where you can find most of the following projects. I purchased the book Connect the Shapes: crochet motifs  from Barnes and Noble last summer...and finally took it out and set to work. The first few pages explain the symbols and basics of reading charts. This little motif was a favorite! I made 3 of them to use as coasters.

I also sat at my computer with charts I found online. Some of them are easier to read than others. I also found some of them are too small or out of focus to actually read. I pinned the ones I found easiest to read.
Now I have a little stack of these cute here's what I've decided to do with them...

Use them as coasters....I'm going to take one to school to keep on my desk, too!

I am going to use them around the under candles or under my jar of crochet hooks.

Eventually I'd like to make enough of one kind of motif and join them together to make a pretty pillow or table runner....and I want to get more fun colors of crochet cotton. There's a lot of color inspiration out there!

Thanks for checking in and stay warm! I'll be back tomorrow with a school project...a felt "Roll the Snowman" game.

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