Monday, November 4, 2013


Another holiday will soon be here...a time for giving thanks and a wonderful time to teach children the idea of gratitude.  I like to create this "tree of Thanksgiving" with the children. They trace their hand and we write something they are thankful for on it.

It's also a good time for journal writing...I saw this idea on Pinterest and created a template for my class. They draw a picture in each square and then sound out and try to write the word that goes with each picture. Some of the children didn't complete all 6, but that's ok. ; )  I think it's important to teach children that not everyone enjoys the same blessings, so it's important to give thanks for what God has given us.

This is our Morning Prayer for November (it was a free download from Kindergarten Hoppenings quite a while ago...not sure if it's still available on her blog or not...)

During November, we do "Thankful Thursday" at prayer time. Every Thursday, we go around the circle and take turns saying something we are thankful for.

Thanks for checking in and have a super day!

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