Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer Update = )

Hello! Needless to day, it's been a while since I've updated my blog...

I've been taking some time off from school projects. This past school year I had the worst schedule I've had in all of my years of teaching...I was burned out by the end of the year. Kids were great, super family support, but here's the deal...I had 14 children in my class in the morning. After lunch I picked up 6 students from another class (that teacher was part time). So I had 20 students in the afternoon. This made it extremely difficult to carry over any learning from the morning, since 1/3 of the students were not in my room, along with other expectation issues, management styles, get the idea. 5 and 6 year old children, in my opinion, are not ready to transition and handle this kind of schedule. Yuck. I tried my best to make it work, but I'm glad it's behind me. I'm not going to dwell in the past. So at the end of the school year, I focused on my family, home,  hobbies, and summer! It feels good to rejuvenate and be ready for the new school year ahead.

My older son graduated from high school this year. We had fun celebrating him and his success. I thought I'd share a good recipe with you, since I don't have much school related info to share. I made these lemon cookies  (from pinterest) for the grad party and they were a hit! Super easy and delicious and it made a lot. Recently, while grocery shopping, I came across this:
I thought it'd be great to make orange flavored cookies instead of lemon and this cake mix did not disappoint!

Here's the recipe:
1 box of cake mix
1 egg
1 container cool whip (I did not use the whole container of cool whip when I made these or the original lemon cookies.)
Juice from an orange.

Mix it all together and chill for an hour. Bake at 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes. I baked them on parchment paper as recommended in the original recipe. They turned out great! I added enough cool whip to make the dough firm, but didn't use the whole container.

One of these days I will head back to my classroom to sort my learning center items...that was on my 'to do' list this summer. I've also printed a few items and have been pinning a lot of great inspiration for the new year. Stay tuned!

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