Friday, January 11, 2013

Need a fun science experiment?

Hello! Well, we completed our first full week back after Christmas break! It was a fun week; I think the children were ready to come back to school. We did a fun and simple science experiment to start off the new year.  Our question was, "Can we grow crystals that look like snowflakes?" And the answer is "Yes!" Here's what you'll need: baking soda, water, yarn or string, 2 plastic cups, and a tray.
I had each table in my classroom set up the experiment.

Fill each cup with lukewarm water.
Add baking soda...we didn't measure...just put about 3-4 teaspoons full in the water and stir it til it dissolves.
Put the 2 cups of baking soda water on a tray and put the ends of a piece of string or yarn in each cup, so it is draped across.
Let the cups sit overnight and observe the beautiful, snow-like crystals the next day!
I've done this one several years and it never disappoints! Hope your new year is off to a great start! Thanks for checking in!

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