Saturday, September 8, 2012

The first 5 days....

Good evening....I hope you are enjoying your weekend! I cannot believe it's already Sept. 8th....where have the past 2 weeks gone?? We have officially completed the first five days of kindergarten. Whew! I feel extremely overwhelmed this year...could be my unusual schedule or the heat wave we had last week or just the adjustment back to school...probably a combination of all of those things!

Here's the little "welcome to my class" kind of thing I gave my kids this year:
This is not my original idea...a fellow Kindergarten teacher shared it a few years ago. I shined  pennies with jewelry cleaner and glued one to each page.

As an introduction to science and social studies, I gave each of the children a book from our social studies/science book bin. They had a few minutes to "read" the book and then we shared what each child thought we might learn about in social studies and science this year. We made this anchor chart:

   (I am looking forward to making more anchor charts this year!! And if you're wondering...those are moose and bear shower curtain hooks holding up my chart!!! )

Thanks for checking in! Have a great weekend!

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