Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Printing on those cute die cut papers!

Hi! I've been working in my classroom this week...not a whole lot of photos to share yet, but I thought I'd share how I use my ink jet printer to print on die cuts.
I am using these cute cupcakes I found at the Dollar Tree for my birthday board. They are pretty light weight paper, but this method also works on card stock die cuts.  First, I print whatever I want to put on the die cut onto a white sheet of paper.
Then I center the die cut on top of the the word is lined up where I'd like to be...and put a little piece of tape on the back of the die cut, so it's stuck to the paper. I run it through my printer again, with the die cut taped on, and the word prints right where it should. Once you have your template done, you can change the word (like I typed February), tape on the die cut and print again.
It's pretty quick and easy and you probably already know how to do it...but every once and a while a co worker will ask me, "How did you print on those???"  Here's a sneak peak at my birthday board:
Eventually, it's going to look similar to this:

I still have to make the candles and add a title....
Also...on a may have seen this on pinterest: using dollar store table cloths to as bulletin board backgrounds.

I thought I'd try using a table cloth or two to see how they work. I used a red one on my birthday board and I have to say, I like it. I thought it might be too thin or tear easily, but since I won't be changing this bulletin board all year, it should last. If you're going to pull staples or pins in and out a lot, I'd say go with fabric or paper. I also tried using a yellow table cloth for another board, but the color was too light and the cork showed through, so I took it down. I'm going to try a blue one instead.  I would suggest using bright or dark colors vs. pale. Just my opinion...
thanks for checking in and have a great day!

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