Saturday, August 22, 2009

Line Leader and Birthday Vests

Hello! Today I'd like to share something I do to help children feel unique and special. : ) Everyday I have a line leader and calendar helper. I post a list of the children and we go down the list; for example, "Mary, John, Suzy, David, etc." When we come to the end of the list we start all over. It is predictable, the children know when their turn is coming, who will be line leader tomorrow, etc. As I mentioned, the line leader is also calendar helper for that day. The line leader of the day gets to wear this special blue vest. How fun is that! They love it! Other adults often comment to the child, "It must be your special day."

I also have a "Birthday Vest" the children get to wear on their birthday. It's purple/green. If they happen to be line leader on their birthday, then they can choose which vest to wear that day. It's just another fun way to make children feel special and give them a little *perk* for the day. I love to sew, so I made these 2 vests, but you could probably use any special kind of jacket or clothing item you choose if you don't have a vest.

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