Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dollar Store Name Badges!

Hello! Today I'd like to share an awesome idea for classroom nametags. I bought name badges at the dollar store, added some cute scrapbook paper and ribbon, and look at how cute they turned out! I am going to type my students' names on labels and stick them to the blue paper. I am hoping this will solve the problem of nametags that wear out quickly! Plus, these could be kept and used when there is a substitute teacher in the room. Thanks for looking! I am planning on sharing more photos of my classroom set up very soon! : P


adrianapletree said...

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Aimee johnson said...

Your idea for classroom name tags is really superb and the way you added some cute scrapbook paper and ribbon is amazing. Love them.

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Aimee johnson said...

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Namebadgesinternational said...

Awesome!!!! Thank you so much for sharing with us. :)

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AJ Parkes & Co Pty Ltd said...
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AJ Parkes & Co Pty Ltd said...

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