Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Munchers big, small, and in-between!

Hi! Using "Munchers" in the classroom is not a new idea...I've had mine for several years. Just thought I'd share how I use them and why I have a variety of sizes...

These are my original munchers...large garbage cans originally purchased at Walmart several years ago.

I use these for large/whole group activities to munch the alphabet. Early in the school year we use "Who Let the Letters Out" by Dr. Jean. I pass out alphabet cards around the circle and each child munches his/her letter as we sing it in the song. The bottom picture is another one we use for whole group activities, like munching rhyming words. 

I also have a set of medium munchers. I bought these at the Dollar Tree, a few years ago as well.
As you can see, they are not decorated as elaborately as the bigger munchers. I just cut eyes out of paper and taped them on! But, hey, it works! I use these for small group/partner work. The children can munch word families, color words, or science concepts like living or non living pictures. 

Finally, here's the newest member of my muncher family:
It is more of a "personal muncher" I would say! I glued some large wiggly eyes on with E6000. I plan on having students use this muncher to practice skills like sight words (printed on cookies),  counting tally marks, etc. The possibilities are endless and the munchers make practicing skills fun. ; ) This one is only about 10 or 12 inches tall. It was too cute to pass up at the Dollar Tree the other day! There are a ton of other muncher ideas out there for you to explore! Have fun and thanks for checking in!

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