Monday, March 3, 2014

Jello Play it a try!

Hello! We are working on decomposing numbers in the teens....I saw this idea on A Differentiated Kindergarten (so many great ideas on her blog!) and loved the idea of  the children using play dough and ten frames to make groups of 10's and 1's. I made some work mats and tonight I made the play dough to go along with them. 

I tried the Jello play dough recipe found here
(I added yellow food coloring because it was a little pale...but it smells great! )

I also made the lime version.

Here it is, in use by the students:

They also completed these 10 frame activities:
 I believe I've written about these in previous the shamrock that matches the 10 frame and "Tennis Shoe 10 Frames."

Thanks for checking in and have a great evening!

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