Friday, May 4, 2012

Camping Ideas!

Our media specialist planned a fun literacy week for our K-3 students with a camping theme. I added a few classroom ideas of my is our door:
It says "Welcome to the North Woods" created with DJ Inkers clip art.  This title was totally appropriate since we live in MN!  We did a couple of graphs: "Have you ever slept in a tent?And "Have you made a s'more?"
 I created a writing center (using DJ Inkers clipart again!) with some camping vocabulary words...
And I printed a poem the children could read and fill in the missing word.
I made a marshmallow cvc game...the children choose a "marshmallow" from the container. If they can read the word, they can add it to their mat; if not, they return it to the container. The goal is to collect 10 marshmallows.

Thursday we wrote about camping...some of the children have not had a camping experience, of course, so we started with a "5 senses of camping" chart . The children came up with great ideas. Then they wrote a few sentences about their favorite part of camping, or what they think would be fun if they went camping, etc. Here are a few of their ideas:

 "I like to go camping in a camper and a tent."
" I like to camp with my family."
"My family is making s'mores."
I'm so proud of their writing at this point in the year. They are ready to move onto first grade! Have a great day and thanks for checking in!


jnelson said...

I love your marshmallow cvc game and would like to get a copy of it if possible. Thank you!

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Lacey Pincus said...

Did you ever get a copy of the CVC game? I like it too!