Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tennis Shoe Ten Frames

We've been working on numbers to 20 in math. I wanted my class to practice numbers in the teens using 10 frames, and really get the idea that 16 is one group of 10 and 6 more. They worked on this tennis shoe 10 frame activity by coloring the tennis shoe to match and writing the number shown in the 10 frame, in the box next to it.
(Clip art by DJ Inkers.)

They also practiced ordering numbers in the teens with this butterfly activity. I printed 8 butterflies with numbers in the teens on them...used up some "extra" scrapbook paper.  They choose a butterfly, wrote the number in the square and the next 3 numbers on the lines. They had number lines to use as a guide for this activity, if needed.
(Carson Dellosa clip art.)
Both of these ideas were inspired by other great blogs and pins. : ) Hope you've been inspired a little today, too.

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