Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nativity Puppets

It's hard to believe December is just around the corner! I've had the idea of making Nativity puppets for my classroom for a long time, just had not gotten around to doing it (you know how that goes!). Someone donated a box of felt to our school a couple of weeks ago, so I seized the moment and brought some home. I found this great pattern and started sewing.  These are the puppets I have done so far:
I adapted them a little bit, as you can see. I made the sheep a little different. I sewed the "glove" part first, then embellished them. That's the fun part! I just used white thread to sew all of them to save time, instead of changing colors for each puppet. You could match the thread if you wanted a professional look. I don't think the kids will care if they are sewed with white thread or not! I hope they have fun re-telling the story of the first Christmas. Thanks for looking!

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