Monday, August 9, 2010

I Spy Bags

Hello! I made a couple of I-spy bags for my classroom. There are several good tutorials on making these, like this one...and another one here. I actually made mine, then thought of searching for a tutorial! I really like the way they turned out.

Here is a photo of it empty; I used felt to eliminate having to deal with the rough edges of fabric.
The tutorials online use cute fabric, but later (after I made mine!) I saw really cute printed felt at Hobby Lobby that would be great for these.

Then I added rice and some plastic objects. I am going to use this bag for beginning sound recognition. I printed a sheet with the letters that begin each object. The children have to cross off the letter as they find an object that begins with that sound. I had these red toys in my closet at school for some time...I think they were from an older activity, but I'm not sure where they came from originally.

I also filled one with magnetic letters. This will be used for letter recognition or can be adapted to beginning sound identification, (give the child pictures, have him/her find the beginning letter), finding the letters in one's name, try to find the letters in ABC order....etc. This would also be a great activity to put in a literacy bag with an I Spy many possibilities!

Hope you enjoyed seeing these. I am off to work in my classroom. Three weeks from today is our first day of school!

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