Monday, October 13, 2014

Superkids ideas...

Hi! This is our first year using the Superkids reading program by Rowland Reading. I love it! I really feel like I am teaching my kiddos the skills they need to become successful readers. I thought I'd share just a couple of things I've done to accompany the program. Let me say, this program is very structured and there is not much wiggle room! But I do still like to use literacy centers and have adapted activities to correlate with Superkids. For example, we've been working with Alf, and the sound of short we learned a lot about apples the same week.

The children labeled the parts of an apple in their journals. We also practiced capital and lowercase letter recognition by coloring capital letters green and lowercase letters green. I used just the letters we have covered so far: c, o, g, and a.

The children also practiced writing the letters we've learned by spinning a paperclip, then writing the letter it lands on.

This week we worked on reading words using the letter sound the children have learned. They used this activity to practice:

The children cut out the letters at the bottom of the page and use them to build and read the words in the box.

Thanks for checking in and have a super evening!


nadine said...

Thanks for sharing your ideas! We're starting Superkids TODAY! Would you be willing to share your materials?

Hiedi H said...

Hi! I just nominated you for a Liebster Award! I love your blog and glad I came across it. You can get the rules and directions from this link:

Juliana Simpson said...

Hi! I love your posts, they are very helpful. My school is starting Super Kids next year. what are some of the things you like about it? How easy was the first year using it?

Ladipo said...

Hello, I would like to know if you would happen to have any superkids teacher materials you would be willing to sell. I'm a homeschool mom and I really can't afford to purchase the class set from the website foe thousands of dollars lol
Thank you in advance!